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A s a business owner you have choices. You can learn about the web yourself -- but who has the time? You can hire your neighbor's kid -- but just how is the Internet like Nintendo? You could hire a high-powered consulting firm -- but do you really want to pay a suit from Lotus or Microsoft $400 an hour to tell you his company's product is the only solution?

Internet Consulting comes from more then merely reading a book or learning the latest buzzwords. It is the cumulative experience of living, eating, and breathing the Internet day in and day out for over twelve years. That's us. We do it for a living. We've done it since the days when the Internet was merely a tangle of phone lines linking universities and the Pentagon. We've been programming since 8K of RAM was a luxury and you stored your programs on punchcards. We wrote programs in High School just because it was fun. Along the way we discovered we were good at it and people were actually willing to pay us for it. It's been a passion ever since.



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