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  Internet Consulting
  We've built simple web sites for non-profit organizations. We've built sophisticated online data systems that tie in to Oracle databases and stream video to your desktop. We've helped companies start from nothing. We've fixed client's computer systems that never worked quite right. In short, we've done it all. And we can do it for you too.

Listed below are some of our areas of expertise. But since the field changes literally by the day, we've probably forgotten a few new areas we've learned since...

  • Electronic commerce systems
  • Custom business information systems
  • Document management
  • Corporate portals and Intranets
  • Small Business Networking
  • Desktop videoconferencing

  • Web Site Architecting
  • Web Site Design
  • HTML Authoring
  • Cold Fusion Programming
  • cgi and JavaScript Development
  • Oracle and MS Access Databases

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